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The Book of Balance: Rehab Secrets to Improve Your Balance and Decrease Your Risk of Falling

The Book of Balance

“Putting a request on Amazon for a reference on balance; this was one of the answers that arrived on my screen. This seemed to be the best of the lot. After only a few weeks, my balance is much better and falls have stopped.”

Amazon Customer

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every second of every day in the United States, an older adult falls. It is the number #1 cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans.

In The Book of Balance you will discover:

  • The internal and external causes of falling.
  • How to test and measure your balance your balance at home.
  • The list that could decrease your risk of falling by 30-50%.
  • Why the medications you are taking could be the reason you are losing your balance.
  • The different systems your body uses to control your balance.
  • Over 100 illustrations and exercise instructions you can follow at home!

More than a simple how-to book, The Book of Balance is an easy-to-read practical guide that shows you how to add life to your years by improving your balance.

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