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Back Pain Unlocked

Back Pain Unlocked

“This book is a must-have if you are experiencing low back pain. Dr. Gonzales gives you all the tools necessary to eliminate your back pain so you can start living pain-free again!”

Susan G.

What good is being pain-free if you cannot function? And to what benefit is being able to function when it causes you pain?

This book is for all those who want the best of both – the ability to function without back pain.

When it comes to persistent, recurring, or chronic low back pain, you are probably making one of the most common mistakes that even physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other clinicians make to fix low back pain and dysfunction.

Many clinicians treat acute and chronic low back pain the same way.

The reality is this:

  • In most cases, acute low back pain is caused by nonspecific mechanical factors, and will either heal spontaneously or respond to the usual medical and physical therapy treatments you are familiar with.
  • In contrast, most chronic low back pain, though may initially be caused by nonspecific mechanical factors, does not develop from physical causes but is rather caused by neuroplastic pain.

Unfortunately, many clinicians either fail to recognize the difference between the two or lack the understanding that each one needs to be treated differently.

These mistakes are the reason you end up dependent on either a pain pill, a spinal injection, spinal manipulation or “adjustment”, or even surgery.

They treat a body part, not the whole body. Short-term solutions to a chronic problem.

Do you see the disconnect?

Back Pain Unlocked is a breakthrough comprehensive system that follows the biopsychosocial model of treatment to address the different components of the chronic pain experience.

It starts with education and ends with implementation.

What You Are About to Discover From This Book Allowed My Patients to Free Themselves From the Grip of Chronic Pain and Dysfunction.

Here are four specific improvements I see my patients achieve after implementing Back Pain Unlocked:

  • One, by recognizing their belief systems about pain, they are better equipped to anticipate their reactions to the stresses that would otherwise aggravate their back pain.
  • Two, by recognizing the inherent structural strength of their back, they start to trust themselves and their body’s capacity to heal.
  • Three, by baking-in accountability prompts, they are more likely to stay the course and see themselves through their goal of achieving a pain-free, functional back.
  • Four, by following the framework I outlined in the book, they discovered a long-term solution to their chronic low back pain problems.

What You Are About to Learn From This Book Is What Allowed My Patients to Win Their Lives Back From Their Expressed Misery.

“When was the last time your healthcare provider spent a good hour educating you and providing you with the tools you need to succeed?”

YOU are the most important member of the recovery team, and if they do not provide you with the education and tools to succeed, how can you succeed?

That is why I wrote Back Pain Unlocked – to provide you with the education, resources, and tools you need to succeed in your own journey to recovery.

Get The Digital Bundle Right Now and Receive These 3 Bonuses FREE:

Bonus #1 Professionally Narrated Audiobook

Prefer listening to your books? Order now and I’ll include a professionally narrated audiobook version of Back Pain Unlocked for FREE.

Bonus #2 Break Free from Pain Workbook

Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) is a critical component in helping you achieve a long-term solution to your chronic low back pain. Use this workbook to understand your body’s “living pain alarm system.”

Bonus #3 ASM Back Exercise Workbook

What’s better than getting an exercise handout?

A workbook with pictures and step-by-step instructions of exercises laid out in a logical and well-coordinated manner. I consider the exercises included in the workbook essential to ANY back pain relief program.

You Will Learn From This Book The Same System That Allowed My Patients to Live Their Best Selves – Achieving the Quality of Life They Richly Deserved!

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