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WINNER: 12th National Indie Excellence Awards (Nonfiction Category)

I always believed that the more my patients know about their condition, the better able they are in helping themselves. I’ve seen the veracity of that belief in my clinical practice – the more I teach my patients about their health, the more empowered they are in taking care of themselves. The more you know, the healthier you become.

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Dr. Gonzales' books are informative and a must-read for consumers, both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Julie Simmons

To The Boomer Generation

My mission is to help every Baby Boomer achieve their best health so that they can independently live their best years, starting right now.

Health and fitness do not need to be so complicated. You are meant to live without the constant fear and limitation of physical aches, pains, and frailties.

I believe that, given the right information and tools, you are the future of healthy living.

Through my books, professional speaking, and this website, I focus on providing you with valuable, quality, and insightful information you can use to achieve the best version of your healthy self.

To you, and for you, I write.