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Do you want to be healthy and fit, but all the aches, pains, and frailties keep you from achieving your goal?

I can help you with that. And, it does not need to be complicated. I believe that you are the future of healthy living.

My mission is to help you optimize your health and function so you can live your best years, starting right now.

Through my books, professional speaking, workshops, and this website, I focus on providing you quality information and practical solutions you can use to achieve the best version of your healthy self.

To you, and for you, I speak and write.

Available in Paperback and Digital

Available in Paperback and Digital (Digital Bundle Includes FREE Bonuses)

The Pain-Free Shoulder

Available Summer 2023

Dr. Gonzales’ books are informative and a must-read for consumers, both patients and healthcare professionals alike.”

Julie Simmons

Hi, I’m Dr. Lex Gonzales, PT, DPT,

and I help busy professionals get rid of aches and pains without breaking he bank, because everyone deserves access to quality programs and clinical expertise.

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National Indie Excellence Award
WINNER: 2018 National Indie Excellence Awards
WINNER: 2022 International Book Awards