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To The Boomer Generation

Your health and fitness do not need to be complicated. You just want to live life not hampered by aches, pains, and frailties. There is an easier way.

My mission is to help you optimize your health and fitness so that you can independently live your best years, starting right now.

Through my books, professional speaking, workshops, and this website, I focus on providing you with valuable, quality, and insightful information you can use to achieve the best version of your healthy self.

To you, and for you, I write.

Available in Paperback and Digital

Available in Paperback and Digital (Digital Bundle Includes FREE Bonuses)

Available Spring 2022

Dr. Gonzales’ books are informative and a must-read for consumers, both patients and healthcare professionals alike.”

Julie Simmons
The Quick and Easy Guide to Improve Your Balance and Decrease Your Risk of Falling at Home

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I always believed that the more my patients know about their condition, the better able they are in helping themselves. I’ve seen the veracity of that belief in my clinical practice – the more I teach my patients about their health, the more empowered they are in taking care of themselves.

I designed this Quick and Easy Guide to help you keep your independence as long as you can.